Painting Machine- Artists Book by Guy Shoham
  • Painting Machine -Artist's Book by Guy Shoham.The book features a distinctive two-part design encased in a hardback cover. It contains 4 specially commissioned texts by experts in their field who explore my work from different perspectives: theoretical, art historical, biographical and fictional. Some 80 works from 8 different painting series are presented on a variety of especially painted or photographed contrasting backgrounds. Each copy is sold with an original postcard-size watercolour and a hand made bookmark.
  • Publication Details:
  •    Title: Painting Machine: Guy Shoham
  •    Texts by Eran Bar-Gil, Paul Clinton, Angela Kingston, Harry Seymour.
  •    Editor: Ariella Yedgar
  •    Hardback
  •     210 x 280mm
  •     147 colour pages
  •     27 pages of text
  •    ISBN 9781527237414
  •     Published April 2019

Painting Machine- Artists Book by Guy Shoham